2016/11/23 Teaching Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Thinking about design and landscaping at the Institut für Gestaltung 1 in Innsbruck, Technical University.

Invited by Dipl.-Ing. Assistant Andreas Flora and MSc (DI) Architecture Alexander Gogl I held a lecture along with Mr. Danny Wills on my access and approach when starting the mapping and landscaping of my fantastic cities.

In this my function I accompanied student groups from Innsbruck, Bolzano (I) and Trento (I) when planning the mapping for a virtual village in given landscapes around the globe.

I supposedly was the one most surprised finding out my personal approach to when and how I start designing one of my „cities“ absolutely meets with the requirements real landscaping architects are confronted with when planning real spaces.
One of the most interesting moments in particular for me was finding out how much my skills of having a holistic equal to my fantastic approach on how to create basic frame conditions for my cities corresponds with real requirements.

So, coming from the frame conditions of a fantastic universe/“Republic“ playing 300 years in the future when starting a „new“ city I always find myself in a phase of how to extrapolate expectations, interests and other stakes of not only the ones who are supposed to „live there“ in what I paint, but also how these can and will interact with the ones living in the areas around, in a other, already painted cities, how all this will interact with preconditions given by the sociopolitical structures of my framing „republican Commonwealth“-scenario.
Whilst doing this automatically in my works last Wednesday I learned how crucial this is when you try to plan a real mapping or landscape-development.

An extraordinary experience for me, hopefully for the participating students, too ;).

And big thanks to Andreas Flora and Alexander Gogl for inviting me.

Hilmar Gamper

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